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Last updated on : 24/07/2014

Army Purchase Organization


Army Purchase Organisation (APO) was set up in December, 1943 under the Ministry of Food and Civil Supplies to procure dry rations for the Armed Forces and their animals.  It was transferred to Ministry of Defence in 1986 and has been functioning as a part of Department of Defence since then. JS (Training) & CAO is the Divisional Head of APO.


APO is responsible for Central Procurement of various items of dry rations as well as animal rations for Armed Forces on the basis of indents received from Army Head quarters. Dry Rations, as opposite to fresh rations, consist of items which have a shelf life and are covered by a specified warranty period. Payments against supplies are made by the PCDA.


APO is headed by Chief Director of Purchase (CDP) who is assisted by    a Dy. CDP, two Assistant CDPs, a Market Intelligence & Statistics Provisioning Officer     (MISPO) for providing market intelligence and Nine Section Officers. A Deputy Legal Advisor is also authorised in APO by the Ministry of Law to provide legal advice. While five Purchase Sections procure different items, CDN Section deals with registration of vendors as well as general administration and D (Claims) Section handles Court/Arbitration cases.

Procurement Procedure Different items are being procured from various Public/Private /Cooperatives vendors which are registered with APO.  Notices for procurement of items are published from time to time on website .  The sources of procurement for various items from registered / enlisted vendors are as given below:

S.No Items of Procurement Source of Procurement
1 Rice, Wheat and Sugar Rice and Wheat from FCI through Ministry of Consumer Affaris.
Sugar:  Allotted by the Directorate of  Sugar,  Department  Food & Public Distribution to different mills out of Levy sugar quota.
2 Tinned Fruits,  Jam,  Vegetables Td, Vegetables Dehydrated, Vegetable (in Retort Pouch)  Dry Fruits Through registered  vendors only i.e. Private firms,  PSUs / Cooperatives.
3 Pulses, Dry items and Animals Rations ( Gram, Barley & Linseed) Through enlisted Central and State Public Sector Undertakings and various  National/State level Cooperative Consumer  Federations/Cooperatives.    
4. Edible Oils     Through enlisted Central and State Public Sector Undertakings and various  National/State level Cooperative Consumer  Federations/Cooperatives.  
5. Malted Milk Food Through registered vendors only i.e. Private firms, PSUs/ Cooperatives  
6. Meat Td,  Fish Td. Chicken curry (in Retort Pouches),  Meal Ready to Eat,  Tea and Coffee . Through registered vendors only i.e. Private firms, PSUs/ Cooperatives
7.   Tinned Butter, Whole Milk Powder & Desi Ghee   Procured through National Cooperative Dairy Federation of India (NCDFI) through negotiated contracts.

  The indented quantites as per the Defence Food Specifications are procured keeping in view the flush season of the item so as to ensure cost effective procurement.

Quality Control

The  quality  contral  of  the  contracted  items  is  ensured  by  the  Composite   Food  Laborties  under  the  charge  of  the Aarmy  Headquaters  (AHQ )  who,  after  inspection  and  acceptance  of  the  tendered  commodities,  also  supervise  dispatches  of  the  goods  to  different  Supply  Depots  as  per  the  Despatch  Instructions  issued  by  AHQ.  Payments  for  supplies  are  made  by  the  Principal  Controller  of  Defence  Accounts ( Hqrs )   after  verifivcation  of  receipted  vouchers  by  the  Supply  Depots/Officers  Commanding  Composite  Food  Laborties.

Registration of Suppliers

Registeration  of  new  suppliers  for  manufactured  items  is  consolidated  by  APO  on  the  basis  of  their  track  record  of  past  supplies, assets  and  Bank  creditworthness  etc.  after  the  verification  of  technical  and  hygiene    suitability  of  factory.

(as on 26th November, 2012)


Srl. No. Name of the firms Items for which registered
Fruit Td/ Jam/Veg. Td/ Veg. Dehydrated/Veg.-Ready to eat (RTE)  
1. M/s Allahabad Canning Company Veg Td/Fruit Td/Murabba/Jam
2. M/s Eastern Food Industries (P) Ltd. Veg Td/Fruit Td/Murabba/Jam
3. M/s Markfed Canneries Veg Td/Fruit Td
4. M/s Nath Consumer Products (P) Ltd. Fruit Td & Jam
5. M/s Amrapali Food Ltd. Fruit Td & Jam
6. M/s Vaishai Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Pvt.Ltd. Fruit Td & Jam  
7. M/s Shivambu Internationals Fruit Td and Jam
8. M/s Jadli Foods India (P) Ltd. Veg Td/Fruit Td/Jam
  Veg. Dehydrated/Veg.-Ready to eat (RTE)  
9. M/s Bector,s Food Specialoities Ltd. Veg.(RTE)
10. M/s MTR Food Pvt. Ltd Veg.(RTE)
11. M/s Pan Foods Ltd. Veg (RTE)/ Veg Dehydrated
12. M/s Navkar Processors Veg Td,Veg Dehydrated
13. M/s Five Star Dehydration Pvt. Ltd. Veg Dehydrated
14. M/s Janak Dehydrated Pvt. Ltd. Veg Dehydrated
15. M/s Gopi Dehydrates Ltd. Veg Dehydrated
16. M/s Shri Ram Food Industries Veg Dehydrated
17. M/s Garlico Industries Ltd. Veg Dehydrated
18. M/s Pardesh Dehydration Co. Veg Dehydrated
19. M/s Shri Ram Exports Veg Dehydrated
20. M/s Shivambu Internationals (Unit – II) Veg Dehydrated
  Dry Fruits/ Cashew  
21. M/s Sunil Kumar & Brothers Dry Fruits
22. M/s Sundoo Mal Ram Swarup Dry Fruits
23. M/s Garlico Industries Ltd. Dry Fruits
24. M/s Sudhir Trading Company Dry Fruits
25. M/s HCI Agro Products Pvt. Ltd. Dry Fruits
26. M/s V.R. Industries Pvt. Ltd. Dry Fruits
27. M/s Olam Agro India Ltd. Dry Fruits
28. M/s SKB Food Products Pvt. Ltd Dry Fruits
29. M/s Madhavaraya Prabhu Cashew
30. M/s Venkaa Agro Foods Cashew
31. M/s Bola Surinder Kamath & Sons Cashew
32. M/s Gayathri Exports Cashew  
Pulses & Animal Ration
33. M/s Punjab State Civil Supplies Corporation Ltd. (PUNSUP) Pulses & Animal Ration
34. M/s Madhya Pradesh Trade & Investment Facilitation Corpn. Ltd.(MPTRIFAC) -do-
35. M/s The State Trading Corpn, of India Ltd.(STC) -do-
36. M/s Gujarat State Co-op. Cons. Fed. Ltd. (GUJCONFED) -do-
37. M/s Kendriya Bhandar -do-
38. M/s U.P. Coop. Fed. Ltd. -do-
39. M/s PEC Ltd. -do-
40. M/s Gujarat State Processing Co-op. Fed. Ltd. -do-
41. M/s Gujarat Co-op. Grain Growers Fed. Ltd. (GRAINFED) -do-
42. M/s Punjab State Co-op. Supply & Maktg. Fed. Ltd. -do-
43. M/s National Co-op. Cons. Fed. Of India Ltd.(NCCF) -do-
44. M/s Delhi State Co-op. Mkt. & Supply Fed. Ltd. -do-
45. M/s Jammu & Kashmir Co-op. Supply Mktg.Fed. Ltd.(JKFED) -do-
46. M/s National Agricultural Co-op. Mktg. Fed. Of India Ltd.(NAFED) -do-
47. M/s Uttaranchal State Co-op. Mrkt. Fed. Ltd. (UCMF) -do-  
48. M/s Indian Agro Mrkt. Co-op. Ltd.(IAMCO) -do-
49. M/s The Delhi State Cons. Coop. Fed. Ltd. (DSCCF) -do-
50. M/s Bharat Foods Co-op. Ltd.(BFCL) -do-
Milk Malted Food/Edible Oils
51. M/s Jagatjit Industries Ltd. Milk Malted Food
52. M/s Continental Milkose (India) Milk Malted Food
53. M/s Kaira Dist. Co-op. Milk Producers Union Ltd. Milk Malted Food
54. M/s Hi Tech Maltomax Foods Milk Malted Food
55. M/s Madhya Pradesh Trade and Investemnt Facilitation Co-op. Ltd. Edible Oils
56. M/s Rajastah State Co-op Oilseed Growers Fed. Edible Oils
57. M/s Anand Regional Co-op. Oilseeds Grovers  Union Ltd. Edible Oils
58. M/s Punjab State Co-op. Supply & Mrkt. Fed. Ltd. Edible Oils
59. M/s The Gujarat State Processing Co-op. Fed. Ltd. Edible Oils
60. Gujarat Spices & Oilseeds Grovers Co-op. Union Ltd. Edible Oils
61. M/s Bharat Foods Co-op. Ltd. Edible Oils
62. M/s Bhartiya Processing Co-op. Fed. Ltd. Edible Oils
Egg Powder/Soluble Coffee Powder/Meat Td./Fish Td./Chicken without bones in retort pouches/Meals Ready to Eat (MRE)/Tea (CTC)/Cheese Td./Condensed Milk (Sweetened)/Desi Ghee/Butter Td./WMP
Egg. Powder
63. M/s Sri Venkateshwara Hatcheries Ltd. Egg Powder
64. M/s SKM Egg Products  Export (India) Ltd. -do-  
  Coffee Powder  
65. M/s. Continental Coffee Ltd. Soluble Coffee Powder
66. M/s Tata  Coffee  Limited Soluble Coffee Powder
67. M/s S.L.N. Coffee (P) Ltd. Soluble Coffee Powder
68. M/s. Nestle India Ltd Soluble Coffee Powder        
  Meat Poducts  
69. M/s Gitwako Farms  (I) Pvt.Ltd. Meat Tinned, Fish Tinned, Chicken without bones in retort pouches
70. M/s. Seahath Canning Company Fish  Tinned
71. M/s Chatha Foods Pvt. Ltd. Chiken wihtout bones in retort pouches
  Meals Ready to Eat (MRE)  
72. M/s Flower Valley Foods Farms Pvt. Ltd. Meals ready To Eat (MRE), Veg Td (RTE)
73. M/s Dakshin Agro-Tech Pvt. Ltd.       Meals ready To Eat (MRE), Veg Td (RTE)
74. M/s Desai Brothers Ltd. (food Divison) Meals ready To Eat (MRE), Veg Td (RTE)
75. M/s Kohinoor Foods Ltd. Meals ready To Eat (MRE),  Veg Td (RTE)
76. M/s Mrs. Bector’s Food Specialities Ltd. Meals ready To Eat (MRE), Veg Td (RTE)
77. M/s. Azaad Foods Industries Meals ready To Eat (MRE), Veg Td (RTE)
78. M/s Shakti Bhog Snacks Limited, Meals ready To Eat (MRE), Veg Td (RTE)  
79. M/s Ananda Bag Tea Company Limited Tea( CTC)
80. M/s BGH Exim Limited, -do-
81. M/s Duncans Tea Limited -do-
82. M/s Octavius Tea & Industries Ltd. -do-
83. M/s A.B.R. Packeting Pvt. Ltd. -do-
84. M/s Jay Shree Tea & Industries Ltd. -do-
85. M/s Mohani Tea Leaves (P) Ltd. -do-
86. M/s Marvel Tea Estates -do-
87. M/s Shah Brothers -do-
88. M/s Balaji  Agro (P) Ltd. -do-
89. M/s Limitex Tea & Industries Ltd. -do-
90. M/s Andrew Yule & Company Limited -do-  
  Cheese Tinned/ Milk Tinned  
91. M/s Uttari Rajasthan  Sahakari Cheese Tinned
92. M/s Kaira Distt. Co-op Milk Producer Union Ltd. Cheese Tinned
93. Sangamner Taluka Utpadan  Prakriya Sangh Cheesse Tinned
94. M/s Mehsana Disst. Co-op Millk Producers Union Ltd. Milk Tinned  
95. M/s Sunfresh Agro Industries Pvt Ltd. Milk Tinned  
  Deshee Ghee/ Butter Tinned/ Whole Milk Powder (WMP)  
96. M/s Rajarambapu Patil Sahakari Dudh Sangh Ltd. Desi Ghee/ButterTinned/ WMP  
97. M/s Srignganagar  Zila Dugdh Utpadak Sahkari Sangh Ltd. Desi Ghee/ButterTinned/ WMP  
98. M/s Deshratna Dr. Rajendra Prasad Dugdh Utpadak Sahakari Sangh Ltd. Desi Ghee/ButterTinned/ WMP  
99.   M/s Kaira Distt. Coop. Milk Producer Union Ltd. Desi Ghee/ButterTinned/ WMP  
100. M/s Sabarkantha Disst. Co-op Milk  Producer Union Ltd. Desi Ghee/ButterTinned/ WMP  
101. M/s Shree Warana Sahakari Dudh Utpadak Prakriya Sangh Ltd. Desi Ghee/ButterTinned/ WMP -



1 M/s. Mysore Fruit Product Ltd. Jam
2 M/s.J&K Trading Company Dry Fruits
3 M/s. Bisnouli Sarvodaya Dry Fruits
4 M/s.Verdia Food Dry Fruits
5 M/s.Haryana Stores  Pvt.,  Ltd. Dry Fruits
6 M/s.MMTC Ltd. Pulses
7 M/sMaharashtra State Co-op Mkt.Fed.Ltd. Pulses
8 M/s.Rajasthan State Co-op Cons.Fed.Ltd. Pulses
9 M/sHyderabad Agriculture Co-op Association Ltd. Pulses
10 M/sMadhya Pradesh State Co-op Mkt.Fedn.Ltd. Pulses
11 M/s.Bharat Agro Export Co-op Society Ltd. Pulses
12 M/s.Assam Govt.Mkt.Corpn.Ltd. Pulses
13 M/sMadhya Pradesh State Agro Industries Development Corpn Ltd Pulses
14 M/s.Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Multi State Food Processing Co-op Fed.Ltd. Pulses
15 M/s.Karnataka State Co-opFedLtd. Pulses
16 M/s.JAK Ex-Servicemen Co-op Stores Ltd Edible Oil
17 M/s.Haryana State Co-op Supply & Mkt.Fed.Ltd. Edible Oil
18 National Dairy Development Board Edible Oil
19 M/s.Shree Rajkot Lodhika Sahakari Kharid Vechan Sangh Edible Oil
20 M/s.Gujarat State Co-op Mkt.FedLtd. Edible Oil
21 Cadbury India Ltd. Malted Milk
22 M/s.Glaxo Smithkline Malted Milk
23 M/s.Heinz India Ltd. Malted Milk
24 M/s. Nestle India Ltd. Malted Milk
25 M/s.U.P. Coop Fed Ltd. Edible Oil
26 M/s. Foods and Inn Pvt.Ltd. Egg Powder
27 M/s.Hindustan Lever Ltd. Soluble Coffee Powder
28 M/s.MSC Marine Exports Fish Td.
29 M/s.Punjab State Co-op Milk Producer Fed.Ltd. Cheese Tinned
30 M/s. Britannia New Zealand Food Pvt.Ltd. Cheese Tinned
31 M/s.Dabon International Pvt.Ltd. Cheese Tinned
32 M/s.Aussi Foods Pvt.Ltd Meal Ready to Eat
33 M/s.Tasty Bite Eatables Ltd. Meal Ready to Eat
34 M/s.Lajja Foods Pvt.Ltd Meal Ready to Eat
35 M/s.Shrrenirra Food Inds.Pvt.Ltd. Meal Ready to Eat
36 M/s.Indian Resins & Polymers Meal Ready to Eat
37 M/s.Universal Foods Meal Ready to Eat

List of Vendors banned for participation in the  APO Contracts

S.No. Name of the firm Item Perod of Ban Date of Banning
1. M/s. Nath Consumer Products (P) Ltd, Bihar Fruit Tinned/Jam Two Years 31.1.2012
2. M/s. Hi-Tech Malotomax, Himacal Pradesh. Malted Milk Food Two Years 11.6.2012