Last updated on : 21/12/2012


Military Engineer Services (MES) provides support to the three services at Strategic and Operational level. The organization has expertise in a wide range of civil works ranging from conventional buildings and factories to specialized projects such as airports, runways, marine works and utility services.

The MES functions under the overall control of Engineer-in-Chief at the Army Headquarters, who is advisor to the Ministry of Defence and the three Services on infrastructure development project and related policy issues.  MES has an annual budgetary work load exceeding Rs. 12000 crore. MES is responsible for providing dedicated support to the Armed forces during war, peace and in counter-insurgency operations in all types of terrain and climatic conditions, to improve the combat effectiveness of Armed Forces. MES is also supporting military diplomatic initiative of Government of India by creating infrastructure abroad for friendly foreign countries.

Major works under planning and execution during the year are as follows:
(a) Auditorium-cum-Cinema Hall, BEG & Centre, Roorkee: 
900 seating capacity auditorium-cum-cinema hall, sanctioned in March, 2011 at a cost of Rs. 6.44 Crore was completed in September, 2011.

(b) Improvement in High Altitude Area including Launching of Pilot Project:
A pilot project for improvement of Habitat in High Altitude Areas, sanctioned a cost of Rs. 195 Crore has provision of continuous water and electric supply, central heating and sewage treatment.

(c) Hangar for Aircrafts at Goa:
The state of art Hangar with technical facility was sanctioned for Rs. 30.23 crore and was recently completed.

(d) Aviation Facilities at Santacruz: 
The work was sanctioned on March 31, 2008 for Rs. 1541.10 lakh as a Pre-Engineered Building structure. The hangar was completed on March 13, 2011.

(e) Technical Services Building, NSRY Port Blair:
The work was sanctioned on March 29, 2007 for Rs. 305.16 lakh and was completed recently.

(f) Deficient Accommodation for Trainee Officers at Kochi: 
The work was sanctioned on August 17, 2009 for Rs. 1070.21 Lakh and was completed recently.

(g) Runway works:
The sharp increase in the Runway Works undertaken annually is a stellar achievement. As against the earlier practice of resurfacing one or two runways annually, runway resurfacing works at three important stations have been completed. Works on Nine runways is under progress. Five runway resurfacing works are under tender action and two runway resurfacing works are under process for sanction. Five runway resurfacing works are under planning stage.

Married Accommodation project (MAP):
The Married Accommodation Project (MAP) has been undertaken by Ministry of Defence for providing adequate married accommodation for Defence Services’ personnel. Under the project, a total of 1,98,881 Dwelling Units (DUs) are proposed to be constructed in a phased manner. The project will lead to enhanced satisfaction level of the troops. Out of 57875 Dwelling Units (DUs) planned for MAP Phase-I, 53659 DUs have been completed. 69992 DUs are proposed to be constructed under MAP Phase-II, which are already under construction/ planning. The Cabinet has also approved the commencement of MAP Ph-III for construction of 71,014 DUs on August 9, 2010 for which planning is underway at respective Service HQs.

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Note: Source - Annual Report 2011-2012