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Last updated on : 13/03/2013

Sainik School Cell


  1. Work relating to Board of Governors of Sainik School Society; All administrative matters and other work of Sainik Schools spread over the entire country (24 Sainik Schools at present).
  2. Grant of Ministry of Defence Scholarships to children of JCOs and ORs studying in various Sainik Schools.
  3. Rules and Regulations of the Sainik Schools Society, 1997.


Section Officer

Under Secretary


Shri B.K. Sharma

Tele : 2301 4731 Intercom :   - Room No. 101, D1 Wing Sena Bhawan

Shri Prem Prakash

Tele : 2301 5769 Intercom : - Room No. 101, D1 Wing, Sena Bhawan

Shri Rabindra Prasad

Tele : 2301 0600 Intercom : 4278 Room No. 23, South Block

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